Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Thailand

Wittaya, Pharmacist

Area of work: Community pharmacist in a suburban province

Describe your daily routine work

My wife and I work in two main areas of our pharmacy:
1. Pharmacy services
2. Management duties in the pharmacy such as stock checking, ordering drugs, account input, expiry date checks and keeping the pharmacy clean.

What are the greatest difficulties that you encounter in your work?

I feel that maintaining a good quality pharmacy practice standard is my greatest difficulty.
Meanwhile, it is the main driving force for my wife and I to be proactive in learning.
I would also highlight that community pharmacy practice in Thailand need more professional support and should be connected to public sectors i.e. a part of the health care insurance system.

What is the greatest motivation in your profession?

For me, the greatest motivation comes from the results of my services to my patients. There have been many cases where I have detected an underlying illnesses and the patient was referred to a physician on time. When I provide my professional services, I feel that I received respect and that I build up a relationship with people in the community.

Patient counselling
I have a patient counseling card posted at the counter which reminds me to ask all the fundamental questions when I am counseling my patients. These questions include asking about any known allergies, checking for signs and symptoms, and noting down their past medication history.