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Take a breath: Caring for patients with respiratory disease.

Chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs), such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kill more than four million people every year and affect millions more. These diseases erode health and well-being, and have a negative impact on families, societies and public helath in all countries.

Despite the widespread assumption that the problem is one that only affects the developed world, chronic diseases are pandemic. The report by the World Health Organization, “Preventing chronic diseases: A vital investment”, provides a background for pharmacists to become actively involved in educating and advocating for the resolution of this issue.

Community pharmacists are in a unique position to help patients in the management of CRDs. Repeated contact with patients, expertise in drug therapy and medication management, as well as easy accessibility mean that pharmacists are an asset for patients, payers and health systems.

Enhance your skills, confidence and ability to better serve patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases. At the end of this series of webinars, you will be able to:

  • Describe the general background for CRDs
  • Explain the different therapies available
  • Outline how to help patients make the most of the therapies available, effectively and safely
  • Describe different potential services from community pharmacists for CRD patients
Jaime Acosta Gómez, Webinar chair, community pharmacist and CPS ExCo member (Spain)






27 September 2016

Back to basics: the respiratory system and chronic respiratory disorders

Johnathan Laird

4 October 2016

Treating patients with chronic respiratory disorders effectively and safely.

Nada Hazem Farrag

11 October 2016

Pharmacists always walk the extra mile: tips and advice to help patients make the most of their therapies.

Kristine Petrasko

18 October 2016

Let´s build a service for patients with a chronic respiratory disease.

Fin McCaul


Webinar 1 Back to basics: the respiratory system and chronic respiratory disorders (with Johnathan Laird)

27 September 2016.
15:00-16:00 CEST 
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a. Functions
b. Breathing and lung mechanics
c. Respiratory system
d. Homeostasis and gas exchange
e. Lung capacity
f. Stimulation of breathing
g. Regulation of blood pH
h. Asthma
i. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
j. Sleep apnoea 
k. Differential diagnosis criteria from other illnesses

Johnathan Laird´s bio:

Johnathan is a community pharmacist with an interest in respiratory medicine. He is an independent pharmacist prescriber and runs both respiratory and  polypharmacy clinics in partnership with his local GP practice. He also runs a successful pharmacy magazine website called pharmacyinpractice.org. Last year he was a finalist in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society competition called ‘I love my Pharmacist’. This year he was elected at the board of directors of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland.


Webinar 2 Treating patients with chronic respiratory disorders effectively and safely (with Nada Hazem Farraq)

4 October 2016
15:00-16:00 CEST
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a. Asthma
 - Beta 2 Agonists (Short acting, Long acting)
 - Anticholinergics (Short acting, Long acting)
 - Corticosteroids (inhaled and systemic)
 - Leukotriene modifiers
 - Immunotherapy
 - Immunisation
 - Adults’ treatment algorithm
 - Beta 2 Agonists (Short acting, Long acting)
 - Anticholinergics (Short acting, Long acting)
 - Corticosteroids (inhaled and systemic)
 - Leukotriene modifiers
 - Methylxanthines.
 - Immunotherapy
 - Immunisation
 - Adults’ treatment algorithm
c. Allergic Rhinitis
 - Leukotriene modifiers
 - Nasal Corticosteroids
 - Antihistaminic
d. Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Nada Hazem´s bio:

Nada Hazem is an assistant lecturer at pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy department at Misr International University (MIU), Cairo, Egypt. She is currently an active member in the European Respiratory Society, American Thoracic Society and Saudi Thoracic Society and a speaker in many international conferences worldwide. Her areas of experience includes; clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy as well as drug information. Ms Hazem has several international publications in the field of pulmonary medicine. Consequently, she received several awards at international conferences as a result of her distinguished contribution in the field of respiratory disease management. Her latest award was from the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP).


Webinar 3 Pharmacists always go the extra mile: Tips and advice to help patients make the most of their therapies (with Kristine Petrasko)

11 October 2016
15:00-16:00 CEST 
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a. What is good CRD control? Asthma & COPD action plans
b. Adherence
c. Inhaler technique: Tips and correct use of spacers, metered dose inhalers and nebulisers
d. Peak flow meter
e. Emergency care
f. Managing cough, other symptoms and exacerbations
g. Non-pulmonary symptoms (anxiety, depression, osteoporosis)
h. How to store CRD drugs
i. Smoking cessation
j. Exercise
k. Nutrition
l. Flu vaccination
m. Asthma & COPD triggers

Kirstine Petrasko´s bio:

Kristine is a certified respiratory educator and certified tobacco educator with particular interests in asthma & allergies, COPD, and tobacco use disorder. She has experience in community practice, hospital, industry and academia. She is currently one of the faculty members for the national RESPTrec training programs on asthma, COPD and education, and also facilitates the CPhA Q.U.I.T. program. Kristine is currently a proud co-author of the smoking cessation chapter in the CPhA Therapeutic Choices for Minor Ailments publication. Most recently, in May 2012, she became the Regional Pulmonary Educator for the Regional Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program in Winnipeg, MB. In this position, she is working towards standardising the three Winnipeg sites to ensure best practice guidelines are followed to optimise the care for clients with COPD.  


Webinar 4 Let´s build a service for patients with a chronic respiratory disease (with Fin McCaul)

18 October 2016
15:00-16:00 CEST 
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Learning from the last 3 sessions how can we build on this to support patients better. Together we will explore:

Why you should be offering a service?
What good looks like for Chronic Respiratory Disease patients?
What are the essential elements of a good service?
How to pull these together for respiratory patients?
How to deliver an effective service?
The value pyramid for Chronic Respiratory Disease patients
The importance of medicines in the pathway
Screening for Chronic Respiratory Disease
Top tips for success
How to promote your service?

Fin Mc Caul´s bio:

Originally from Northern Ireland, Fin Mc Caul is currently Managing Director of Prestwich Pharmacy in Manchester, a modern, award winning, forward thinking pharmacy. Fin was one of the founder members and Chairman of the Independent Pharmacy Federation. The IPF was set up to promote the benefits of independent pharmacy and to support their members in the delivery of excellent health care to patients. In 2015 the organisation merged with the National Pharmacy Association. With the merger Fin is now Advisor to the Board of the NPA, where he will continue to be a strong advocate for independents and the work they do. Fin is also currently the Long Term Conditions Lead for Bury Clinical Commissioning Group working with GPs, other primary care providers and secondary care providers to reshape local provision for the benefits of the patients in the new NHS. 



For each webinar, a personalised CPS-FIP certificate will be emailed to participants who attend and correctly answer a short evaluation questionnaire.

Although there is great benefit in attending all four live webinars, each one can stand alone, so feel free to attend as many as you can. FIP members can also listen to recordings of any webinars they miss and may get a certificate.

Who should attend

Any community pharmacist or pharmacy student interested in improving their knowledge and impact on the health of their patients, as well as pharmacists related to governmental and non-governmental assistance, and those whose expertise is focused in public health.

Q & As, and social media discussion

There will be two 15-minute rounds of questions and answers in each webinar.

Learn more about chronic respiratory diseases, join the discussion and ask questions on Twitter using #CRDFIP

How to register

There is no charge to participate in these webinars. Membership in the FIP is not necessary. All you need to have is an internet connection.

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