Analytical sciences and pharmaceutical quality special interest group

Chair: Dr Daniel Tang (China)

Vice-Chairs: Prof. Masaru Kato (Japan) & Dr Miranda Sertic (Croatia)


Analytical Science and Pharmaceutical Quality (ASPQ) is one of most important and challenging disciplines in the pharmaceutical drug discovery, development and manufacture.  The quality control based on the analytical science is necessary and indispensable for safety and effective usage of medicine. Besides its traditional role in the small molecule drug development, the impact of ASPQ on developing biopharmaceuticals that including vaccines and proteins products to meet patients’ needs in the world has become increasingly important in recent years.  As a result, we organize the Special Interests Group (SIG) of ASPQ for the following purposes:


  • Provide educational opportunities for students, researchers, academics, manufacturer and pharmaceutical practitioners who are interested in developing the knowledge of analytical science and pharmaceutical quality in the pharmaceutical science via workshops, conferences and training programs.
  • Provide a platform for the experts in the analytical science and pharmaceutical quality disciplines to discuss the most recent progress of the innovative approaches and technologies including separation science, spectroscopy analysis and surface analysis to address the current and future needs and challenges.
  • Working with SIGs in the other disciplines via networking and communication to promote the knowledge sharing in the community of pharmaceutical science and practitioners, help shape and advance best practices of pharmaceutical science to provide best medicine for patients in the world. 

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