FIPEd Development Team



Recognising the need to support and strengthen pharmacy education worldwide, in November 2007, FIP, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), formed the Pharmacy Education Taskforce. The Taskforce is a coordinating body of organisations, agencies, institutions, and individuals with the shared goal of catalysing actions to develop pharmacy education. 

The purpose of the Taskforce is to oversee the implementation of the Pharmacy Education Taskforce Work Plan*. The Action Plan aims to enable the sustainability of a pharmacy workforce that is relevant to local needs.  The Action Plan is dedicated to five domains of action: quality assurance, academic and institutional capacity, pharmacy support workforce, leaderhsip, and competency and vision for pharmacy education.

*Pharmacy education refers to the educational design and capacity to develop the workforce for a diversity of settings (e.g. community, hospital, research and development, academia) across varying levels of service provision and competence (e.g. technical support human resources, pharmacist practitioners, pharmaceutical scientists, pre-service students) and scope of education (e.g. undergraduate, post-registration, continuing professional development, practitioner development, life-long learning).




The objectives of FIPEd are to:

1.   Define pharmacy service competencies across all settings and levels of the health system.

2.   Set educational objectives aligned with competencies and develop a framework that considers the entire pharmacy education continuum from undergraduate education through to continuing professional development at the post-graduate level.

3.  Develop a global framework for quality assurance and the development of accreditation systems (e.g. development of standards for educational institutions and programs) in pharmacy education.

4.  Gather and analyse data on academic/faculty workforce, and review and develop capacity development strategies that meet local, regional or global needs.

5. Guide stakeholders towards an accepted holistic vision for the entire continuum of pharmacy education at global, regional and local levels.

6. Provide advocacy and technical guidance to country level stakeholders and educational institutions.

7. Establish a global platform for ongoing dialogue, sharing of evidence, practices, lessons learned, resources and tools for pharmacy education and workforce planning.


How do I find out more about the FIPEd Development Team?

Read more about the work of the FIPEd Development Team through the background documents, articles and tools posted in the Resources and Links Section.  You can also contact


How do I become involved in the FIPEd Development Team?

Join the FIPEd Development Team Community of Practice to receive updates about activities, network with other colleagues from around the world, or take part in activities.  The Community of Practice, or CoP, is an online learning space where people interested in the FIPEd Development Team can share documents and resources, hold discussions and keep informed of activities and events. Membership is free and open to all.  To learn how to join the Community of Practice, also contact

Who do I contact to become involved in one or more of the project domains?


The Educational Leads for the project domains are:

Vision and Competency, Director of EDT

Ian Bates,

Academic and Institutional Capacity

Claire Anderson,

Competency Advance Practice

Kirstie Galbraith,

Continuing Professional Development/Continuing Education

Toyin Toffade,

FIP-UNESCO UNITWIN Global Pharmacy Education Network, Director

Jennifer Marriott,

Interprofessional Education

Jill Boone,


Tina Brock,

Quality Assurance

Mike Rouse,

Pharmacy Support Workforce

Susan James,

Andrew Brown,

Global Workforce Observatory

Christopher John,

e-platforms and IT-based learning

Ian Larson,

Pharmacy Education, Editor

Timothy Rennie,

FIPEd Project Coordinator and Researcher

Andreia Bruno,

FIPEd Coordinator

Joana Carrasqueira,


How can I support the work of the FIPEd Development Team?

The work of the FIPEd Development Team is largely achieved through the efforts of dedicated and enthusiastic international team of volunteers. The in kind, financial and other support of donors, associations, groups, schools and individuals is much appreciated to ensure that we meet the objectives of the Work Plan. Please contact us if you would like to offer support to the FIPEd Development Team.