Statutes of the Health and Medicines Information Section

The current statutes of the Health and Medicines Information Section were adopted by the FIP Council in 2014.

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CO-19: Section Statutes – Health and Medicines Information Section


Article 1: Name


Section 1

The Section shall be constituted in accordance with Article 21 of the Statutes of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (hereafter called FIP).


The Section was founded in Rome in 1951 at the 14th FIP General Assembly.


Section 2

The Section shall be known as the FIP Health and Medicines Information Section (HaMIS), hereafter called the Section.


Section 3

Executive action by the Section which may commit FIP shall be referred to the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice.



Article 2: Mission


Section 1

The mission of the Section is “to provide a forum in which FIP members and other interested parties can expand and share their knowledge about information issues relating to pharmacy, medicines, and public health; to promote networking between various groups that provide information services; to proactively reach out to enhance the public health and the work of the profession of pharmacy through medicine information programs and related activities and initiatives.”


In order to achieve its mission, the Section may undertake all or any of the following activities:

  1. Organize technical, professional, and scientific symposia and conferences, within or outside the construct of FIP annual congresses, with the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice (BPP), Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS), other FIP sections,  or organizations outside FIP, or organize such symposia or conferences independently;
  2. Develop recommendations and guidelines in the information science and information technology fields, subject to the approval of the BPP and FIP’s Council;
  3. Develop background or state-of-the-art discussion papers relating to the information science and information technology fields
  4. Develop activities for special Working Groups, independently or in collaboration with other sections;
  5. Act as an information center for Section members by providing FIP and Section news and information relating to advances and activities in the information science and information technology fields;
  6. Cooperate in program development and information dissemination relating to pharmacy information worldwide, particularly as related to the information needs of developing countries;
  7. Promote the education of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists as related to the areas of information science and information technology;
  8. Promote the information roles of the pharmacist and the pharmaceutical scientist in health care delivery, research, regulatory affairs, and the pharmaceutical industry;
  9. Promote the public health by encouraging the appropriate development and dissemination of information, especially as related to the use of pharmaceuticals;

10. Promote excellence in the pharmacy information science and technology fields by establishing Section awards recognizing contributions of individuals or organizations; and

11. Support the objectives of FIP as stated in the Statutes of the organization.



Article 3: Granting of Membership


Section 1

Membership of the Section shall be open to both individual and honorary members of FIP, who work in the area of activities covered by Article 2 above or who have an interest in those activities.


Membership may, upon the decision of the Section, be open to Collective and Supporting members of FIP.


Section 2

Subject to the approval of FIP’s Council, the Section may charge a fee for membership. Different fees may be charged to different categories of FIP members.





Article 4: Loss of Membership


Section 1

Membership in the Section will cease under one of the following circumstances:

  1. When a person or organization ceases to be a member of FIP.
  2. Where, whilst remaining a member of FIP, a person or organization is more than one year in arrears with Section membership fees.
  3. Where the membership person or organization, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, is acting in a way inconsistent with the Mission of the Section. A person adversely affected by such a decision shall have the right of appeal to the next Assembly of Members.



Article 5: Organs of the Section


Section 1

Organs of the Section shall consist of an Executive Committee and an Assembly of Members. In addition, a Section may also have an Advisory Committee as described below.



Article 6: Executive Committee


Section 1

The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and between three and six Section Members.


The terms of office of the Executive Committee (except the Immediate Past President) shall be four years with the possibility of re-election for a second four-year term. Regular elections shall be held every four years, based on the year 2000. Special elections may be held, as necessary, to fill vacancies.


The Immediate Past President shall assume that office upon the election and installation of his or her successor and will remain in office for the duration of the term of office of his or her successor.


In so far as possible, Section Members elected to the Executive Committee should represent different geographic areas and/or different areas within the pharmacy information discipline.


Section 2

The functions of the Executive Committee are:

  1. To implement the decisions of the Section’s Assembly of Members;
  2. To facilitate relations between the Section and the BPP, BPS, and other sections or those persons or bodies having been assigned a special task;
  3. To propose to the Assembly of Members candidates for membership of the Executive Committee;
  4. To decide on and organize Section programs for FIP congresses, conferences, and workshops;
  5. To identify, plan, and implement special projects relating to the mission and goals of the Section;
  6. To recommend the establishment of Working Groups, as necessary;
  7. To forward to the FIP Council the activity reports of the Section at least once a year;
  8. To disseminate information on the activities of the Section and its Working Groups to Section and FIP members and to the general pharmacy community, as appropriate;
  9. To work with FIP in expanding membership of the Section; to monitor and review the list of members annually for purposes of following up on membership renewals;

10. To support Section members within the scope of FIP activities;

11. To nominate experts and observers for special activities;

12. To nominate candidates for various FIP awards; and

13. To select candidates for Section awards.


Section 3

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once per year.



Article 7: Advisory Committee


Section 1

The Section may create an Advisory Committee. The Committee shall consist of one representative from each country who is nominated either by the Section members of that country or, where this is impractical, by the Executive Committee.


Section 2

The Advisory Committee shall have the following functions:

  1. To support the Executive Committee in its activities.
  2. To promote and support activities of the Section.
  3. To represent a link between the Executive Committee and members of the specific country.


Section 3

The Advisory Committee shall normally meet annually but, in any event, shall meet at least once every two years.



Article 8: Assembly of Members


Section 1

The Assembly of Members is composed of all members of the Section, present at the Assembly and acting in an individual capacity.


Section 2

The Assembly shall meet at least every second year on the occasion of the Annual FIP Congress.


Section 3

The principal purpose of the Assembly is to elect the Executive Committee members and to approve the general policies of the Section. Decisions taken by the Assembly shall be by simple majority of members present at the meeting. In the event of a tie vote, the President of the Section (as Chair of the meeting) shall cast the deciding vote.


Section 4

All Section Members shall receive notice of an Assembly, in writing, at least 3 weeks before the Assembly takes place.




Article 9: Representation


Section 1

The Section shall be represented by the President or, in his or her absence by someone appointed by the Executive Committee, at meetings of the FIP Council.


Section 2

The President and the Secretary are ex-officio members of the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice (BPP). If a Section has more than 500 members, the Executive Committee shall appoint an additional member to serve on the BPP. Such appointment shall be valid for a period not exceeding one year and is renewable.



Article 10: Honorary Membership


Section 1

An individual who has given outstanding services to the Section may be elected as an Honorary Member. This shall be done at an Assembly of Members. The privileges of honorary membership shall be decided by the Executive Committee. Honorary Members shall pay no Section fee but honorary membership shall cease in the event that the person ceases to be a member of FIP.



Article 11: Finance


Section 1

The Treasurer of the Section is responsible for preparing an annual budget. The income shall consist of Section fees together with the net profit from conferences or other activities organized by the Section, donations, and voluntary contributions from individuals, organizations, or pharmaceutical companies. The annual accounts shall be audited and a copy sent to the Treasurer of FIP, normally before March 1st of each year. The accounting year shall be January 1 to December 31.



Article 12: Amendments to the Statutes of the Section


Section 1

The members of the Section may amend or repeal any of the Articles of the Section Statutes. Any proposed amendments or repeal shall be circulated to all Section members, in writing, at least two months prior to the Assembly of Members. The proposal shall be adopted by a simple majority of votes cast by the members present at the Assembly of Members. Any such amendment shall have no effect until approved by the Council of FIP.






Article 13: Dissolution


Section 1

A proposal to dissolve the Section shall be adopted by the affirmative vote or two-thirds of the votes cast by the membership present at a special meeting called for that purpose. In the event of dissolution of the Section, all assets shall pass to FIP. The Section may, if it so wishes, indicate to FIP any use that Section assets should be put subsequent to dissolution.



Article 14: Annual Activity Report


Section 1

The Secretary or other designated member of the Executive Committee shall prepare and submit, before March 1st of each year, a report to the General Secretary of FIP giving appropriate details of the Section activities for the preceding year.



Article 15: Developing Countries


Section 1

As part of its work, the Section shall pay particular attention to the needs of developing countries. Wherever practical, members from developing countries should be represented in Section activities.



Article 16: Working Group


Section 1

The Section may form and disband Working Groups for specific purposes. A proposal to form a Working Group should include details of the purpose for which the Working Group is to be formed, its goals and objectives, a means of measuring the achievement of these goals and objectives and an estimated time span of the Working Group. The Executive Committee shall approve the proposal and shall appoint the Coordinator and members of such Working Groups. The Section President shall appoint a member of the Executive Committee to monitor the activities of Working Groups.



Article 17: Effective Dates


Section 1

Changes to the Section Statutes, dissolution of the Section, and changes in the Section membership fee all require approval of the FIP Council. The effective date for implementing any of these decisions shall be the date approved by the Council of FIP or, if none is given, the date of the Council Meeting at which approval is given.



Article 18: Correspondence Address


Section 1

The official address for correspondence shall be the address of the Secretary or President of the Section.



Article 19: General


Section 1

Nothing in these Statutes shall be interpreted in such a way as to conflict with the Statutes of FIP and no decision of the Section shall be effective if its implementation conflicts with the Statutes of FIP.