FIP believes that the main delivery of this representation and service is through the organisation of international Congresses and Conferences. This activity was included in the original 1912 Statutes of FIP and remains a core activity.

One year after FIP's founding, it held its first scientific Congress in The Hague. This was the 11th International Pharmaceutical Congress. The outbreak of the First World War in 1914 interrupted FIP activities and it was not until eight years later, in 1922, that FIP reconvened in Brussels. After 1922, Congresses were held at regular intervals, with the 12th International Congress being held, partly under FIP auspices, in Brussels, in 1935.

Thereafter, FIP organised meetings at regular intervals in various European cities, until war broke out again in 1939, causing another 7-year suspension in FIP activities. In 1957, it was decided that there would be a World Congress of Pharmacy in even-numbered years and a World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in odd-numbered ones.

Now, each year FIP hosts the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, rotated to different regions of the world. In addition to the Annual Congress, FIP organises several smaller Conferences each year.


Past venues of FIP Annual Congresses: 

1912 The Hague the Netherlands  
1913 Gent Belgium  
1914 Bern Switzerland (cancelled)
1922 Brussels Belgium  
1923 London United Kingdom  
1925 London United Kingdom  
1927 The Hague the Netherlands  
1928 Paris France  
1930 Stockholm Sweden  
1933 Prague Czechoslovakia (cancelled)
1935 Brussels Belgium  
1937 Copenhagen Denmark  
1939 Berlin Germany (cancelled)
1947 Zurich Switzerland  
1949 Amsterdam the Netherlands  
1951 Rome Italy  
1953 Paris France  
1955 London United Kingdom  
1958 Brussels Belgium  
1960 Copenhagen Denmark  
1962 Vienna Austria  
1963 Münster Germany  
1964 Amsterdam the Netherlands  
1965 Prague  Czechoslovakia  
1966 Madrid Spain  
1967 Montpellier France   
1968 Hamburg Germany   
1969 London United Kingdom   
1970 Geneva Switzerland  
1971 Washington DC United States of America  
1972 Lisbon Portugal  
1973 Stockholm Sweden  
1974 Rome Italy  
1975 Dublin Ireland   
1976 Warsaw Poland  
1977 The Hague  the Netherlands   
1978 Cannes France   
1979 Brighton United Kingdom  
1980 Madrid Spain  
1981 Vienna Austria   
1982 Copenhagen Denmark   
1983 Montreux Switzerland  
1984 Budapest Hungary  
1985 Montreal Canada  
1986 Helsinki Finland  
1987 Amsterdam the Netherlands  
1988 Sydney Australia  
1989 Munich Germany  
1990 Istanbul Turkey  
1991 Washington DC United States of America  
1992 Lyon France  
1993 Tokyo Japan  
1994 Lisbon Portugal  
1995 Stockholm Sweden  
1996 Jerusalem Israel  
1997 Vancouver Canada  
1998 The Hague the Netherlands  
1999 Barcelona Spain  
2000 Vienna Austria  
2001 Singapore    
2002 Nice France  
2003 Sydney Australia  
2004 New Orleans United States of America  
2005 Cairo Egypt  
2006 Salvadore Brazil  
2007 Beijing China  
2008 Basel Switzerland  
2009 Istanbul Turkey  
2010 Lisbon Portugal  
2011 Hyderabad India  
2012 Amsterdam the Netherlands  
2013 Dublin Ireland  
2014 Bangkok Thailand