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Hospital Pharmacy Section

Annual report 2016 

Hospital Pharmacists from around the world belong to the Hospital Pharmacy Section of FIP. The Hospital Pharmacy Section is the second largest section in the FIP and was founded in 1957. We focus on education, communication and improving the practice of pharmacy in hospitals around the world.

The members of the Hospital Pharmacy Section share experiences and discuss issues affecting the practice of pharmacy and health care in the hospital setting. We identify the global issues that require attention and work together to develop guidelines and standards of practice. These are often disseminated by the World Health Organization to pharmacists throughout the world. The World Health Organization also sends practice guidelines to the Hospital Pharmacists Section to review. These projects assist pharmacists in all areas of hospital pharmacy practice in their respective countries.

The Hospital Pharmacy Section meets for three days during each Annual FIP Congress. The Section chooses a different theme for each half-day session and representatives from different countries make presentations at the meeting. Poster sessions are organized to give many colleagues the opportunity to present results of research and new practice innovations. During the Annual FIP Congress, representatives from the host country organize visits to hospital pharmacies, providing the opportunity for members to see how pharmacy is practiced in different countries.

Communication between members does not end with the meeting. Symposia are held throughout the year and abstracts of these meetings are published and distributed to other sections within FIP to inform members about the activities of the Hospital Pharmacy Section. The Hospital Pharmacy Section publishes a newsletter three times a year to update members on the activities of the section and inform members of important events. The Hospital Pharmacy Section has a strategic plan that is updated annually to communicate our projects and accomplishments to the Section members and the Board of Pharmacy Practice.

 The Hospital Pharmacists Section has a Board of Officers to provide leadership for the Section and to assist in planning and running the Congress programme. The Board of Officers consists of an elected President and five Vice Presidents, each representing a different region of the world. The Vice Presidents are elected to represent Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia and the Far East, and North and South America. The Board also includes an elected Secretary and Treasurer. Member participation in the Hospital Pharmacists Section benefits pharmacists practicing around the world. The experience is both rewarding and enjoyable for the members of the section. Each member contributes their experiences to increase our awareness and help us to understand issues affecting hospital pharmacy practice around the world.

Strategic Plan

The HPS contributes to the overall strategic thrust of the Board of Pharmacy Practice,
which has identified 6 major elements:
* Partnership with Patients
* Enhancing Pharmacy Practice
* Better Financial Models
* Evidence-Based Practices
* Assuring Competency
* Sufficient Workforce.

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