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Pharmaceutical Practice and the FIP Sections

FIP has adopted as one of its three main Strategic Objectives to advance pharmacy practice in all settings. This ambitious goal is done through the work of the eight Pharmacy Practice Sections, which develop projects and initiatives to aid FIP and its Member Organisations truly advance pharmacy practice on a global level.

All Individual Members are automatically a Member of the Section (or Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences) of their choice. Here they are invited and encouraged to interact with peers and colleagues with similar interests from all over the world, both virtually within online discussion forums on the FIP Website and in person at various global meetings, most namely the annual FIP World Congress.

The Sections are governed by the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice (BPP) which aims to provide guidance and leadership to the Sections and their activities. Outlining its plan for the future, the BPP has recently released its Strategic Plan, which can be accessed by clicking here or on the image to the left.




The sections of Pharmaceutical Practice


What is a pharmacist?

In March 2016 the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice adopted the following definition of a "pharmacist":

A pharmacist is a scientifically-trained graduate healthcare professional who is an expert in all aspects of the supply and use of medicines. Pharmacists assure access to safe, cost-effective and quality medicines and their responsible use by individual patients and healthcare systems.

Responsible use of medicines implies that health-system stakeholder activities and capabilities are aligned to ensure that patients receive the right medicines at the right time, use them appropriately, and benefit from them. Bringing the right medicines to patients who need them requires the engagement of all actors, including governments, and a vision on how to integrate public and private interests and mobilise resources.

The Board of Pharmaceutical Practice's missions

The Board of Pharmaceutical Practice represents the interests of all aspects of the practice of the profession of pharmacy throughout the whole world, regardless of any national or local issues.

Given its role in handling all professional aspects of FIP’s activities, its facilitates collaboration between sections and coordination their activities.

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