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The Pharmabridge project aims to strengthen pharmaceutical services and pharmacy education in developing and transitional countries through coordinated support from pharmacy establishments in developed and more advanced developing countries. Click here to read more.


Hospital Pharmacy Section

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HPS President receives Donald E. Francke Medal

Marianne F. Ivey, Immediate Past President of the FIP HPS and Professor Emerita at the University of Cincinnati James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, received the 2017 Donald E. Francke Medal at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Orlando. She was recognized for her efforts in international pharmacy training and leadership.


Objectives, mission & vision

Our objectives are to further hospital pharmacy in all its aspects. This includes:

  • To promote the exchange of views on professional subjects relating to the duties and responsibilities of hospital pharmacists.
  • To promote pharmaceutical care for patients in hospital-related facilities.
  • To foster continuous education programmes for hospital pharmacists.
  • To promote realisation of the goals of FIP as they apply to hospital pharmacists.
  • To pay particular attention to the needs of developing countries.
  • To promote integrating pharmacy services through communication and collaboration with other sections.

Our vision for hospital pharmacy is set out in the revised Basel Statements on the future of hospital pharmacy. This document contains consensus statements by hospital pharmacists from around the world that were initially developed at the inaugural FIP Global Conference on the Future of Hospital Pharmacy in Basel, Switzerland, in 2008.

We undertake many activities within the framework of our objectives and vision.

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How we work

The Hospital Pharmacy Section’s Executive Committee (ExCo) consists of:

President (2018-2022)  Mr Robert Moss (Netherlands) 
Secretary (2016-2020) Dr Rebekah Moles (Australia)
Assistant Secretary (2016-2020) Dr Jonathan Penm (Australia) 
Treasurer (2014-2018) Dr Ryan A. Forrey (USA)
Immediate Past President (2018-2022)  Dr Marianne F. Ivey (USA)
Vice President - Africa (2018-2022) Mr Mujahid Valji (Tanzania)
Vice President - Western Pacific (2016-2020)  Ms Chun-Yu (Mary) Wang (China Taiwan)
Vice President - Europe (2014-2018) Dr Josep M. Guiu-Segura (Spain)
Vice President - Japan (2014-2018) Prof. Yoshikazu Tasaki (Japan) 
Vice President - The Americas (2014-2018)  Dr John B. Hertig (USA)
Vice President - Eastern Mediterranean (2014-2018) Dr Waël Abi Ghanem (Lebanon)
Vice President - Southeast Asia (2016-2020) Mr Eurek Ranjit (Nepal)


HPS Executive Committee 2016-2017 (Back row, left to right: Rob Moss, Lee Vermeulen, Ryan Forrey, James Stevenson, Jonathan Penm, Latif Sheikh. Front row, left to right: Yasuo Takeda, Marianne Ivey, Jacqueline Surugue, Chun-Yu [Mary] Wang, Rebekah Moles)


All members of the Hospital Pharmacy Section are eligible to be a member of the executive committee. All executive committee members are elected for four years and may be re-elected for one further four-year term. The president and the immediate past president normally only serve one four-year term.

Click to download the HPS statutes in a pdf .

The Hospital Pharmacy Section also runs the following committees:

Basel Statements Promotion Committee
Rob Moss (Chair, Netherlands)
Jacqueline Surugue (France)

Communications Committee
Lisa Potter (Chair & Newsletter Editor, USA)
Jonathan Penm (Newsletter Editor, Australia)
Rebekah Moles (Australia)
Eurek Ranjit (Nepal)

Finance Committee
James Stevenson (Chair, USA)
Jerry Siegel (USA)
Stan Kent (USA)
Tricia Killingsworth (USA)

Membership Committee
Abdul Latif Sheikh (Chair, Pakistan)
Nkechi Christiana Anyanwu (Nigeria)

Research Committee
Jonathan Penm (Chair, Australia)
Régis Vaillancourt (Vice Chair, Canada)
Mai Duong (Secretary, Australia)
Hanadi Al Sabban (Saudi Arabia)
Stephen Eckel (USA)
Diane Ginsburg (USA)
Josep Guiu (Spain)
Pascal Le Corre (France)
Neil MacKinnon (USA)
Rebekah Moles (Australia)
Solomon Okorie (Nigeria)
Joan Peppard (Ireland)
Eurek Ranjit (Nepal)
Abdul Latif Sheikh (Pakistan)
Lee Vermeulen (USA)


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