Pharmacy practice research special interest group

Pharmacy practice research looks at the impact of the practice of pharmacy on heath care systems, medicines use and patient care. Its scope has expanded over the past 50 years to encompass aspects such as the clinical, behavioural, economic and humanistic implications of the pharmacy practice as well as change management and implementation

The drive for the expanded role of the pharmacist, in many environments, has been stimulated by professional evolution and professional organisations, but also by pharmacy practice research.

About us and our objectives

At an international level this special interest group (SIG) provides a unique opportunity to develop an international strategy for pharmacy practice research to underpin international positions and policy. The g group allows exchange of pharmacy practice research between senior researchers, early career researchers, postdoctoral fellows, pharmacist practitioners and PhD or MSc students in order to produce high quality evidence at an international level. The SIG will allow a wider dissemination and exposure of high quality pharmacy practice research to all stakeholders, as well as encourage and foster greater communication, discussion, networking and collaboration at an international level for the advancement of best practice research.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Cultivate an international forum for the ever widening scope of pharmacy practice research;
  2. Create a forum for the dissemination of quality, international pharmacy practice research for all stakeholders;
  3. Develop a policy statement on current and future pharmacy practice research, including a global definition of this term;
  4. Contribute to the teaching and learning of pharmacy practice research by providing practitioners and students of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences with greater access to the latest evidence-based practice and highest quality international pharmacy practice research;
  5. Stimulate communication, discussion, networking and collaboration between international pharmacy practice stakeholders, including pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists for the advancement of best practice;
  6. Increase pharmacy practice contributions to global health through the provision of greater access to the latest high quality international pharmacy practice research.

How we work

Executive of this group members are:


Prof. Shalom (Charlie) Benrimoj (Australia)

Vice chairman

Prof. Martin Schulz (Germany)

Vice chairman

Prof. Ross T. Tsuyuki (Canada)


Prof. Fernando Fernandez-Llimos (Portugal)


Prof. Rob Horne (UK)


Dr Charlotte Rossing (Denmark)

Liaison with Board of Pharmaceutical Practice

Dr Tim Chen (Australia)


Our group is currently working on the first international conference on pharmacy practice research. To be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 25-27 June 2018, PhD candidates and their supervisors are invited to attend to present their work to a global network of researchers, academics, pracitioners and professional organisations. More information here.

Annual Report 2017

Our 3 major objectives in 2017 were to;

  1. To continue to promote membership of the SIG to all FIP and Non FIP members
  2. To plan our first International FIP Pharmacy Practice Conference for postgraduate students. Postdoctoral fellows and supervisors in 2018 
  3. To actively participate in the annual FIP and PSWC conferences as program organisers and presenters  

These 3 objectives have been met with;

1. over 209 members in the SIG. This has been achieved through the use of emails, Facebook, linked and twitter promotions.

2. the first international conference organised at the University of Lisbon on 25 to 27th June 2018. The main objectives of the conference are;
To increase the quality and quantity of pharmacy practice research

To establish networks and collaboration on major themes for experienced researchers and higher degree students
To assist in the preparation of successful grants
To exchange and disseminate of information at an international level

3. PPR SIG was involved in;

  • Two highly successful sessions at the FIP Seoul Conference with the BPP Hospital Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy Sections
  • Two highly successful sessions at the PSWC conference, one organised by the SIG on pharmacy practice research and the second an invitation to participate in the final debate session

The inaugural participation of the PPRSIG in the PSWC conference in Stockholm was the highlight of the year. This was the first time a dedicated Pharmacy Practice Research session, organised by pharmacy practice researchers, was held in FIP pharmaceutical sciences conference.  The session was very well attended and was excellent. The addition of a pharmacy practice researcher to the final debate forum was welcomed. To the SIG it signified the clear recognition, emergence and acceptance of pharmacy practice research as part of pharmaceutical sciences at a global level. Importantly it provided a forum for critical analysis for pharmacy practice researchers and advancement of pharmacy practice as a science for many participants.

The participation of the PPR SIG related to all 5 objectives of the BPS strategic plan, due to its strategic and operational importance.

Contact/Get involved

For more information on this SIG, please contact Prof. Benrimoj at

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