Analytical sciences and pharmaceutical quality special interest group

Analytical science and pharmaceutical quality (ASPQ) is one of the most important and challenging disciplines in the pharmaceutical drug discovery, development and manufacture.  Quality control based on analytical science is necessary and indispensable for safety and effective use of medicine.

Besides its traditional role in small molecule drug development, the impact of ASPQ on developing biopharmaceuticals (including vaccines and protein products) to meet patients’ needs around the world has become increasingly important in recent years.

About us and our objectives

The purposes of FIP’s Special Interest Group on Analytical Science and Pharmaceutical Quality are to: 

  • Provide educational opportunities for students, researchers, academics, manufacturers and pharmaceutical practitioners who are interested in developing knowledge of analytical science and pharmaceutical quality via workshops, conferences and training programmes.
  • Provide a platform for experts in analytical science and pharmaceutical quality to discuss the most recent progress of the innovative approaches and technologies including separation science, spectroscopy analysis and surface analysis to address the current and future needs and challenges.
  • Working with special interest groups in the other disciplines to promote knowledge sharing in communities of pharmaceutical science and practitioners, to help shape and advance best practices of pharmaceutical science in order to provide the best medicines for patients. 

How we work

The interim chair of this group is Prof. Masaru Kato (Japan). The Vice-Chair is Dr Miranda Sertic (Croatia).

Annual Report 2017

June 16-18, 2017, 5th China Bioanalysis Forum (CBF) Annual Conference and Nanjing Internatial Drug Metabolism Conference (NJIDMC)
This year CBF, NJIDMC and FIP ASPQ co-organized annual conference in Beijing. ASPQ representative from FIP, Dr Daniel Tang, chaired the conference and organized the panel discussion. CBF is a non-profit, volunteer based group that is dedicated to local bioanalytical scientist community in China and it is the only organization representing China in the international bioanalytical field. Around 475 delegates from research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, clinical centers, contract research organizations (CROs) as well as Chinese regulatory agency attended the conference. 

September 12-14, 2017, China Bioanalysis Forum (CBF) and Clinical Bioequivelent (BE) Regional meeting at Wuhan, China
This conference targets to the audience who are participating bioequivalent (BE) studies for generic drugs, including over 650 representatives from generic drug companies, clinical research centers, academic research institutes etc.  FIP’s mission has been presented at the conference.

One particular area that we are very proud of is the education to local scientists.  There are many well-known researchers from both domestics and overseas who present the most up-to-date technology and research in analytical sciences and pharmaceutical quality areas.  In addition, more than 6 training workshops were organized for the young scientists and participants in GLP bioanalysis, drug formulation, clinical study design for BE studies, clinical data analysis and drug metabolism.  A Young Scientist Symposium (YSS) was also organized for the first time in which young scientists could present their most recent research.

Goals for 2018:

Goal #1: Strengthen pharmaceutical science education in the areas of analytical sciences and pharmaceutical quality
Goal #2: Development working relationship with other SIG to promote pharmaceutical sciences to scientists and pharmacists

Contact/Get involved

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