FIP Foundation and Pharmacy Education

Investing in the global development of pharmacy education is a high priority for the FIP Foundation for Education and Research because advancing science, practice, innovation and delivering healthcare reform requires:

  • a professionally educated health-care workforce
  • an appropriate academic and institutional infrastructure
  • high quality competency-based education


Partners are invited to support FIP in ensuring that pharmacy education has a global voice.

Four areas require urgent action to positively impact pharmacy education globally:

1. Preparing Leaders for Transformational Change in Pharmacy Education
Affecting transformational change in pharmacy education requires substantial investment in building leaders' ability and effectiveness in managing educational reform. Through a structured programme of educational meetings and events, a core set of high-level leaders will have the opportunity to share experiences, build leadership skills and work with mentors towards leading transformational change in Pharmacy Education.

2. Building Sustainable Academic Capacity to Transform the Curriculum
Academics throughout the pharmacy education system play an important role in reforming the curriculum. Developing and implementing a structured platform for exchange and a train the trainers' initiative will support an exponential growth and build the potential for effective and sustainable curriculum review and reform.

3. Building Consensus on Universal Competencies for the Pharmacy Workforce
A Global Competency Framework is being developed that identifies the core competencies that support all pharmaceutical services, from research to public health, which can be flexibly adapted towards improving professional standards and competence of the workforce. In order to prepare clinically oriented professionals, this framework will open up the scope for developing competency-based education and professional development. Consensus panels and a global consensus conference need to be held to finalise the development and adoption of this Global Competency Framework.

4. Focusing on Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Social Accountability in Pharmacy Education
The FIP Global Quality Assurance (QA) Framework sets out the core principles and elements considered essential and globally applicable for an effective approach to the QA of pharmacy education. The Framework is a tool to facilitate the establishment of QA systems and standards in countries where no such formal systems exist and to improve existing systems. To further advocate for QA, Accreditation and Social Accountability case studies are to be undertaken around the world and in Africa, the QA framework is to be disseminated globally to pharmacy schools and the impact of the Framework is to be systematically assessed, in part through regular QA, Social Accountability and Accreditation Forums.

With the support of committed sponsors pharmacy education can be improved and transformational change achieved, towards educating a pharmacy cadre that is relevant to the needs of society.

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