Statutes of the Clinical Biology Section

The current statutes of the Clinical Biology Section were adopted by the FIP Council in 2009

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§1.1. In accordance with article 22 of the Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique/International Pharmaceutical Federation (hereinafter called FIP), the section of the FIP entitled the “Clinical Biology Section” has been constituted.


§2.1. The mission of the section is to provide a forum for information, exchange of experience and professional development for pharmacists [and their team] engaged in Clinical Biology


§2.2. This aim is to be achieved by:

  1. Establishing and developing exchange of information intended to benefit the coordination and improvement of the scientific and professional activities of the pharmacists engaged in Clinical Biology.
  2. Promoting recommendations on disease prevention regarding patient, genetic prediction of diseases, biological follow up of diseases and therapeutics.
  3. Organising meetings and conferences during the FIP General Assembly or its congresses.
  4. Studying and raising awareness on all the problems relating to the purpose of the section, as defined previously
  5. Developing draft recommendations and resolution to  address matters of concern for pharmacists engaged in clinical biology, for consideration by the FIP Bureau and approval by the Council


ARTICLE 3: Granting of membership

§3.1. Membership of the Clinical Biology Section shall be open to both individual and honorary members of FIP holding a pharmaceutical degree and who practice Clinical Biology at universities, hospitals or in the private sector or who have an interest in those activities

§3.2. An individual who has given outstanding services to the Section may be appointed as Honorary Member of the Section by the Assembly of Members after nomination by the Executive Committee of the Section.

§3.3. Subject to the approval of FIP’s Bureau, the Section may charge a fee for section membership.


ARTICLE 4: Loss of membership

§4.1. Membership in the Section will cease under one of the following circumstances:

  • When a person ceases to be a member of FIP
  • Where the member, in the opinion of the Section’s Executive Committee, is acting in a way inconsistent with the Mission of the Section. A member adversely affected by such a decision shall have the right of appeal to the next Assembly of Members.


Organs of the Section

§5.1. Organs of the section shall consist of an Executive Committee and an Assembly of members.


ARTICLE 6: Executive Committee

§6.1.The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Section who are the President, the Vice-President, the Immediate Past-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, and two or more regular members.

§6.2. The Executive members (except the Immediate Past President) are elected by the Assembly of Members for a 4 year mandate, with the possibility of re-election for a further 4 year term.

§6.3. The Immediate Past President shall assume that office up to two years after the end of his office as President of the section.

§6.4. In so far as possible, Section members elected to the Executive Committee should represent different geographic areas and/or different areas within the Clinical Biology.

§6.5 Decisions taken by the Executive Committee must be by simple majority of members present at the meeting. In the event of a tied vote, the President of the Section shall have a casting vote.


ARTICLE 7: Assembly of Members

§7.1. The Assembly of members is composed of all members of the Section present at the Assembly.

§7.2. The Assembly shall meet at every year on the occasion of the FIP Annual Congress.

§7.3. The main purpose of the Assembly is to elect the Executive Committee members and to approve the general policy of the Section. Decisions (including elections) taken by the Assembly must be by simple majority of members present at the meeting. In the event of a tied vote, the President of the Section shall have a casting vote.


ARTICLE 8: Representation

§8.1. The section shall be represented by the President, or, in his absence, by someone appointed by the Executive Committee, at meetings of the FIP Council

§8.2. The President and the Secretary of the Section are ex-officio members of the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice (BPP). If the section has more than 500 members, the Vice-President shall serve on the BPP.

§8.3. The President and the Secretary of the Section can delegate the Vice-President to represent the section in all their functions.


ARTICLE 9: Finance

§9.1. The Treasurer of the Section is responsible for preparing an annual budget. The income shall consist of Section fees together with the net profit from conferences (organised in accordance to FIP’s Rule of Procedure BU-7: Guidelines for Congresses and Conferences) or other activities organised by the Section, donation and voluntary contributions from individuals, organizations or pharmaceutical companies. Sponsorship of companies should be in line with FIP’s Rule of Procedure BU-9: Guidelines for Sponsorship. The annual account shall be audited and a signed copy sent to the General Secretary of FIP, before March 1st of every year. The accounting year shall be January 1 to December 31.


ARTICLE 10: Annual Report

§10.1. The Secretary of other designated member of the Executive Committee shall prepare and submit, before FIP’s deadline, a report to the General Secretary of FIP giving appropriate details of the Section activities for the preceding year.


ARTICLE 11: Working Groups

§11.1. The Section may form and disband Working groups for specific purposes. A proposal to form a Working Group should include details of the purpose for which the Working Group is to be formed, its goals and objectives, a means of measuring the achievement of these goals and objectives and an estimated time span of the Working Group The Chairman and members of such Working Groups shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.


ARTICLE 12: Effective dates

§12.1. Changes to the Section Statutes, dissolution of the Section of the FIP Council. The effective date for implementing any of the decisions shall be the date approved by the Council of the FIP or, if none is given, the date of the Council meeting at which approval is given. Changes of Section fees require approval of FIP Bureau.


ARTICLE 13: Correspondence Address

§13.1. The official address for correspondence shall be the address of the President and/or the Secretary of the Section.


ARTICLE 14: General

§14.1. Nothing in these statutes shall be interpreted in such a way as to conflict with the Statutes of FIP and no decision of the Section shall be effective if its implementation conflicts with the Statutes of FIP. In case of dispute about the interpretation of the statutes the FIP Bureau will decide.