Statutes of the Hospital Pharmacy Section

The current statutes of the Hospital Pharmacy Section were adopted by the FIP Council.

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CO-15 Status: Approved by Council in Amsterdam on 3 October 2012 


Statutes of the Section for Hospital Pharmacy of F.I.P.

Article 1: Name

Section 1 The section shall be constituted in accordance with article 22 of the Statutes of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (hereafter called F.I.P).

Section 2 The Section shall be named Section for Hospital Pharmacy, hereafter called the Section.

Section 3 Executive action by the Section which may commit FIP shall be referred to the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice (hereafter called BPP).

Article 2: Mission/Objectives

The mission/objectives of the section is/are to further hospital pharmacy in all its aspects.

Section 1 To promote the exchange of views on professional subjects relating to the duties and responsibilities of hospital pharmacists.

Section 2 To promote pharmaceutical care for patients in hospital related facilities.

Section 3 To foster continuous education programs for hospital pharmacists.

Section 4 To promote realisation of the goals of FIP as they apply to hospital pharmacists.

Section 5 To pay particular attention to the needs of developing countries.

Section 6 To promote integrating pharmacy services through communication and collaboration with other sections.

Article 3: Granting of Membership

Section 1 Membership of the section shall be open to both individual and honorary members of FIP who work in the area of activities covered by article 2 or who have an interest in those activities.

Section 2 Subject to the approval of the Council of FIP the Section may charge a fee for membership. Different fees may be charged to different categories of FIP members.

Article 4 Loss of Membership

Membership will cease under one of the following circumstances.

Section 1 When a person ceases to be a member of FIP.

Section 2 When, whilst remaining a member of the FIP, a person is more than one year in arrears with Section membership fees.

Section 3 When a membership person, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, is acting in a way inconsistent with the Mission/Objectives of the Section.

A person adversely affected by such a decision shall have right of appeal to the next Section Assembly of Members. This being the case such an appeal has to be put on the agenda for that Assembly.

Article 5 Honorary Membership

Section 1 An individual member who has given outstanding service to the Section may be elected as an Honorary Member. This shall be done at the Section Assembly.

The privileges of Honorary Membership shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

Section 2 Honorary members may pay no section fee.

Section 3 The Section may organise an award as a tangible symbol to recognise achievements, distinction or excellence in the field of hospital pharmacy.

Article 6 Organs of the Section

Section 1 The Organs of the Section are: an Executive Committee and the Section Assembly. The Section may create Permanent or Temporary Committees or Working Groups.

Article 7 Executive Committee

Section 1 The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Immediate Past President, and no more than eight Vice-Presidents each representing a specified geographical region or country.

The members of the Executive Committee shall have appropriate expertise and experience in hospital pharmacy.

Section 2 The terms of office of the Executive Committee shall be 4 years with the possibility of re-election for one second 4 year term. The President and the Immediate Past President shall normally only serve one 4 year term. The maximum term of office in any one post shall be 8 years.

The Immediate Past President shall assume office upon the appointment of his successor and for the duration of the term of office of his successor.

Section 3 The functions of the Executive Committee are:

 to serve as the governing body of the Section,

 to represent the Section according to the Statutes,

 to organise the Section Assembly and to submit recommendations for ratification to the Assembly,

 to initiate activities for and to manage the affairs of the Section.

Article 8 Committees and Working Groups

Section 1 The Section Executive Committee may create Committees and Working Groups, to be reported to the Section Assembly.

Section 2 Committees and Working Groups shall be composed of members from as many different countries as possible to be appointed by the Executive Committee.

Section 3 If a Committee or Working Group is created its goals and objectives, a means of measuring the achievement, and if applicable it’s (estimated) term, shall be laid down.

Article 9 Section Assembly

Section 1 The Section Assembly is composed of all individual members of the Section present.

Section 2 The Section Assembly shall be held during the annual FIP Congress.

Section 3 The principle purpose of the Section Assembly is to satisfy the Executive Committee’s recommendations and the general policy of the Section.

Section 4 Decisions taken by the Section Assembly shall be by simple majority of members present at the meeting. In the event of a tied vote, the President of the Section (as Chairman of the meeting) shall have a casting vote.

Section 5 The Section Assembly shall serve as a forum for members to express their views to the FIP Council, and for the Executive Committee to give information and reports on the activities of FIP and the Section.

Section 6 All Section members shall receive notice of an Assembly, in writing, at least 3 weeks before the Section Assembly takes place.

Article 10 Representations

Section 1 The section shall be represented by the President, or in his absence by their designee, at the meetings of the FIP Council.

Section 2 The President and the Secretary are ex-officio members of the BPP.

If a section has more than 500 members, the Section shall appoint an additional member to serve on BPP. As such appointment is subject to the number of members it shall therefore be reviewed every year.

Section 3 The nomination of a third member of the Executive Committee to serve on BPP shall be made by the Executive Committee.

Article 11 Finance

Section 1 The income of the Section consists of Section fees, FIP/BPP subvention or special allocations, any net profit from conferences or other activities organized by the Section, and voluntary donations from individuals, organisations or the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Section 2 The Treasurer of the Section is responsible for the finances of the Section. Appropriate control of expenditure will be monitored by the Executive Committee.

Section 3 The Treasurer shall keep exact record of income and payments in a way that the bookkeeping and the proofs in writing thereof are consistent with FIP guidelines, and can be audited.

Section 4 The annual accounts shall be prepared by the Treasurer and, after auditing, sent to the Treasurer of FIP, normally before March 1 of the next year.

The accounting year shall be January 1 to December 31, or as defined by FIP.

Section 4 The Auditors of the Section to control the bookkeeping shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.

Article 12 Annual Activity Report

The Secretary shall prepare annually a report giving appropriate details of the Section’s activity for the preceding year.

This report has to be submitted to the General Secretary of FIP before March 1.

Article 13 Correspondence Address

The official address for correspondence shall be the address of the Secretary of the Section.

Article 14 Amendments to the Statutes of the Section

Section 1 The members of the Section may amend or repeal any of the Articles of the Section Statutes.

Section 2 Proposed amendments or repeal have to be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Section.

The Secretary will circulate the proposal in writing, to the Section Executive Committee at least two months prior to the next Section Assembly.

The Section Executive Committee will decide on action to be taken and where this involves a change to the statutes the Secretary will make available the proposal through the Section web-site at least one month prior to the next Section Assembly.

Section 3 The proposals shall be put on the Agenda of the first Section Assembly to take place. They have to be adopted by a simple majority of votes cast by members present at the Assembly.

Article 15 Dissolution

Section 1 A proposal to dissolve the Section has to be circulated by the Secretary, in writing, to all Section members at least two months prior to the next Section Assembly.

Section 2 The proposal has to be put on the Agenda of the first Section Assembly to take place. It has to be adopted by the affirmative vote of two thirds of the votes cast by the membership present.

Section 3 In the event of dissolution of the Section all assets shall pass to FIP. The Section may, if it so wishes, indicate to FIP any use that Section assets should be put subsequent to dissolution.

Article 16 Effective Dates

Changes to the Section Statutes or dissolution of the Section require approval of the FIP Council.

The effective date for implementing any of these decisions shall be the date approved by the FIP Council or, if none is given, the date of the FIP Council Meeting at which approval was given.

Article 17 General

Nothing in these Statutes may be in conflict, or shall be interpreted in such a way as to conflict, with the Statutes of FIP and no decision shall be effective if it’s implementation conflicts with the Statutes of FIP.