Statutes of the Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section

The current statutes of the Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section were adopted by the FIP Council in 1996.

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The Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section brings together pharmacists or experts in medical logistics who serve in the defense forces or in emergency or rescue organizations of different countries. The meetings, proceedings and activities provide a forum for presentation, discussion and review of all appropriate professional matters and in particular those associated with defense and contingency planning and other community roles that may be required.

ARTICLE 1 - Name

In accordance with article 21 of the statutes of FIP a Section of FIP named the Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section is constituted.

ARTICLE 2 - Mission

The Section has as its aim to establish a close cooperation between the Military Pharmaceutical Services and other appropriate organizations of different countries. The members of the Section have as their mission to study all problems relating to Military Pharmacy and other appropriate activities on an international basis and to co-ordinate pharmaceutical questions in general with the special problems proper to Military and Emergency Pharmacy which are within their competence.

ARTICLE 3 - Rules

Recommendations and resolutions of the Section will acquire official status only when approved by the Council.

ARTICLE 4 - Members

The Section is open for membership to all military pharmacists or other persons involved with appropriate professional pharmaceutical activities and who want to contribute to the development of FIP.
To be a full member of the Section an individual membership of FIP is required.
Persons with appropriate professional connection who are delegated to represent their organizations at the FIP Congresses, but who are not individual members of FIP, can be registered as affiliated members of the Section.
The General Assembly of the Section, on the proposal of the Board of MEPS, may award the title of:
a) Honorary President, to former presidents of MEPS who have given exceptional service to MEPS.
b) Honorary Member,  to persons who have rendered significant service to MEPS. Honorary Presidents may attend Board Meetings of MEPS but do not have voting rights.

ARTICLE 5 - Voting

When a vote is taken during the Business Meeting of MEPS, each country has one vote. The delegation of each country shall designate one member to exercise its right of voting and inform the Secretariat of the Section of their choice before an election or a vote takes place. In the event of a tied vote the President has a casting vote.

ARTICLE 6 - Board of MEPS

The Board is to be composed by the following officers: a President, three Vice Presidents, the Immediate Past President and a Permanent Secretary. The Board has the right to temporarily co-opt extra Vice Presidents.
A Treasurer will be designated and confirmed annually by the Board from among these officers.  A Section Treasurer is necessary in order to watch over the fiscal matters of the Section and to respond to requests for financial information from headquarters.
The members of the Section elect the President, the three Vice Presidents and the Permanent Secretary.
The President and the three Vice Presidents are elected for four years.
The Permanent Secretary shall, once elected, yearly be confirmed in his office by the Board.
In the elections each country has one vote. Only a member actually present has the right to vote for his or her country.

ARTICLE 7 - Meetings

The Section shall hold at least one annual meeting. The Section may hold public and private meetings.
The private meetings will be concerned with the study of the internal affairs of the Section, with elections, with the preparations of the program of the General Assemblies and with all subjects which members of the Section may wish to discuss between themselves.

ARTICLE 8 - Permanent Secretary

The Permanent Secretary of the Section shall prepare the annual activity report of the Section and send it to the General Secretariat in accordance with article 21 of the statutes of the FIP.
In his capacity as Treasurer the Permanent Secretary shall prepare the annual accounts of the Section. The annual accounts shall be submitted to the FIP Treasurer for auditing.

ARTICLE 9 - Statutes

The statutes may be modified by a majority decision of the members of the Section assembled at a General Assembly. Any proposal for modification should be made known to the Permanent Secretariat at least three months before the General Assembly. The Permanent Secretariat has to make a written notification to all members of the Section at least one month before the General Assembly. On votings concerning modification of the Statutes each country has one vote.
Modifications of the Statutes will become valid only after approval by the FIP Council.

ARTICLE 10 - Liquidation of MEPS

A proposal to dissolve the Section must come from the Board and it must be submitted to the Assembly of the Section.
Procedure:   A first vote shall take place in the Board. If at least two thirds of the votes are in favor of the dissolution the proposal shall be submitted to the General Assembly of the Section. If, at this assembly, two thirds of the delegates with a right to vote for their countries are in favor of the disso¬lution the proposal reverts to the Board for a final decision.
The announcement of meetings of the Board for this purpose shall be in accordance with what is stated for the Council in the Statutes of FIP, article 26.

ARTICLE 11 - Assets of MEPS in the event of dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Section all its assets shall be passed to FIP.