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Health and Medicines Information Section


What is the FIP Health and Medicines Information Section (HaMIS) Stipend?

Each year the Health and Medicines Information Section offers a stipend to financially support pharmacy students, pharmacists or pharmaceutical scientists from low and middle income countries to attend the FIP World Pharmacy Congress.  

What is the value of the FIP HaMIS Stipend?
The maximum support for one recipient is 1000 Euros. Two stipends may be offered each year to cover registration (maximum 500 euro per person).

Who can apply?
Pharmacy students, pharmacists or pharmaceutical scientists who live, work or study in a low or middle income country (as classified by the World Bank).   The applicant should be working or be involved in research in the area of medicine, disease or health information.  Preference will be given to first-time FIP attendees.  Applicants who have previously received financial support from FIP may apply, but funding will only be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

How can applications be made?
Applications should be made via email to the Health and Medicines Information Stipend Coordinator: Ms Lindsay McClure at

The application should be in English. The application should consist of:

  • The application form.  All sections must be completed in English.    
  • A copy of any Abstract(s) submitted to the FIP Congress for consideration (if applicable).

What are the deadlines?
The completed application, signed by the applicant, must be received by April 1, 2017. An email acknowledging receipt of your application will be sent.

How is the FIP HaMIS section stipend awarded?
The applications that meet the Health and Medicinces Information Section’s objectives will be reviewed by members of the HaMIS Stipend Evaluation Committee who will make recommendations to the HaMIS Executive Committee. The HaMIS Executive Committee will make the final decision on the granting of the Health and Medicines Information Stipend.  The HaMIS Executive Committee’s decision will be final and not subject to appeal.  No reason for failure to award a Stipend will be given.   All applicants will be advised of the HaMIS Executive Committee’s decision once it has been made.

What about successful applicants?

  1. Successful applicants will be advised of the registration and reimbursement process when they are awarded the stipend.  
  2. Successful applicants are required to submit to the Health and Medicines Information Section a brief report (one or two pages) on their participation in the Congress for publication in the Section’s newsletter, Info-Link.  This report must be submitted within 60 days of the FIP Congress.

Submission details:
Applications should be sent, by e-mail, to:
Ms Lindsay McClure
Health and Medicines Information Stipend Co-coordinator