New generation of Pharmaceutical scientistp

Chair: Rebecka Isaksson


The goal of the NGPS SIG is to enable young scientists (MS/PhD students, postdocs, and early-career scientists) to impact the future of the global pharmaceutical sciences community. We also strive to connect young scientists in academia, industry, and government and offer an opportunity for global networking

Our goals are:

  • Establishing a formal FIP platform for exchange among international young pharmaceutical scientists
  • Enhancing cross-disciplinary activities with non-pharmacy professions
  • Enabling effective outreach activities to pharmaceutical sciences communities during the formative years
  • Interfacing with other FIP or non-FIP groups of young people focused on development and use of new medical products (e.g., YPG, IPSF)
  • Serving as a platform for mentorship of future leaders in pharmaceutical sciences with global vision

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