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2013 Høst Madsen Medal

During today’s Opening Ceremony of the 73rd FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences being held in Dublin, Ireland, FIP presented its most prestigious Pharmaceutical Sciences Award, the Høst Madsen Medal.  FIP is very pleased to congratulate Professor Daan Crommelin (the Netherlands) on being awarded the 2013 Høst Madsen Medal.


Made possible by support from Danmarks Apotekerforening, the Association of Danish Pharmacies, the Høst Madsen Medal is awarded every two years to a deserving pharmaceutical scientist in honor of Dr Høst-Madsen, a former, prominent President of FIP.
With an extensive list of academic achievements, publications and involvement in advancing pharmaceutical sciences on national, regional and international levels; Prof. Crommelin has undoubtedly demonstrated merits most deserving of this award.

With regard to scientific research, Prof. Crommelin had made particularly noteworthy contributions in the areas of pharmaceutical biotechnology and biopharmaceutics, with over 330 peer reviewed publications and over 6300 citations throughout his career.  He is regarded as an expert in these fields and a frequent lecturer and contributor to various scientific boards in the Netherlands and abroad.

In addition, the entire scientific community is fortunate to have had Prof. Crommelin serve on many international committees, including those of FIP and the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS).  He has been instrumental in the development of the Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress (PSWC) series, especially through his role of chairman of the meeting which took place in Amsterdam in 2007.

Upon accepting his award, Prof. Crommelin shared some of his own insights and visions for the future of pharmaceutical sciences and the role that pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists play in advancing health care for future generations.

FIP is enthused to announce that Prof. Crommelin will be presenting the FIP Høst-Madsen Medal Lecture entitled The Pharmaceutical Sciences: What Is Ahead of Us?  A Horizon Scan. The lecture is scheduled at 1:00pm on Wednesday, 3 September in Lifey Hall 1.  Congress participants are welcomed and encouraged to attend this lecture being presented by this year’s distinguished medal recipient himself.

For more information on FIP Awards in general please visit www.fip.org/awards.