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FIP presents evidence of pharmacy’s value in vaccinations to World Health Assembly

Growing evidence that pharmacists improve the coverage of vaccinations to groups that other health professionals find hard to reach was highlighted by FIP at the 67th World Health Assembly this week.

FIP’s policy analyst and project coordinator Zuzana Kusynová cited, as an example, successful pharmacy campaigns in Ireland, where 28% of those vaccinated had never had an influenza vaccination before and 81% were in an at-risk category.

“In the ‘Joint WHO-FIP guidelines on good pharmacy practice’ FIP and WHO emphasised that pharmacists should be used to their full potential in educating about safety and relevance of immunisation, and facilitating or providing vaccination,” Ms Kusynová told the assembly.

The global vaccine action plan was one of five agenda items that FIP made interventions on during the assembly, held in Geneva (19–24 May). The others were:

•    Tuberculosis prevention care and control after 2015

•    Counterfeit medicines

•    Access to essential medicines

•    Antibiotic drug resistance

Click here to see the full FIP intervention on the vaccine action plan.