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Call for support on role of pharmacists in Uruguay

The situation created by a new law in Uruguay, which will lead to pharmacies selling cannabis for recreational use, is explored in the latest issue of the International Pharmacy Journal (IPJ).

The new law means that pharmacists in Uruguay face an ethical dilemma. FIP has been supporting a campaign by Uruguay's professional body for pharmacists (AQFU) to try to prevent sale of non-medical marijuana from pharmacies.

Will the image that pharmacy has within society be changed once this takes place? The AQFU has launched a petition, and is asking all pharmacists around the world, and others, to support it. Read the article here and decide for yourself.

"Uruguay may be a relatively small country, but the entire world is watching closely how the implementation of this law will develop, and certainly other countries may want to follow the footsteps of Uruguay in this regard. Therefore the consequences of the decisions taken in Uruguay will have an impact well beyond [its] national borders," says FIP president Michel Buchmann.