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First woman president for FIP

Spanish pharmacist Carmen Peña was today elected as president of the International Pharmaceutical Federation.

Dr Peña, a community pharmacist from Madrid, has served FIP for over 20 years including as a vice-president since 2008. She is currently president of the General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain, which represents over 65,000 pharmacists.

In her election statement, Dr Peña drew particular attention to the importance of the FIP Education Initiative, which works to transform pharmacy education so that societal and workforce needs around the world can be met.

"Building a pharmaceutical workforce that is competent, sustainable, accountable and respected by society and by our colleagues in other health professions will make our countries’ health systems more efficient by lowering morbidity, mortality and cost,” she said.

She added that pharmacists should be active agents in shaping healthcare policies, including the pharmaceutical policies of their respective countries, and that FIP can provide invaluable guidance and resources to this end.

Dr Peña will take office on 5 September. She is the first woman and the first pharmacist from Spain to be elected as president in the federation's 102-year history.

The FIP presidency is a four-year term. Dr Michel Buchmann will continue to serve FIP as immediate past president.