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Help patients make heathy choices with WHPA app

A new app to help people improve their health through changing lifestyle, establishing goals and tracking progress has been launched by the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA), of which FIP is a member.

Called HealthyScore, the app is designed to be used in collaboration with health professionals. Using this tool, they can help people develop targets and behaviours to improve health and well-being.

A traffic light system helps people to rate their habits in terms of healthiness. Behaviours in red are risky, those in yellow indicate caution and those in green are healthy. The app also provides users with customisable reminders to help them move their behaviours towards green. 

The app is an electronic version of the WHPA Health Improvement Card — a central component of the alliance’s non-communicable disease campaign, launched in 2011. The guidance was developed jointly by WHPA members representing pharmacists, nurses, physical therapists, dentists and doctors. Non-communicable diseases currently account for 60% of global deaths.

The HealthyScore app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Further information is available at www.healthyscore.org