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Get in the know with IPJ

Issue 1 of vol 33 of the International Pharmacy Journal is now available. Over 40 pages of pharmacy matters from all over the world and including some of the latest FIP Bureau decisions.

Don’t miss:

•    Free trade partnerships: Bad for our health?
•    What do doctors think about pharmacy? (We interviewed the secretary general of the World Medical Association)
•    Partnerships developing treatments: Tips for success
•    Competition fears hindering care of Australians with chronic disease
•    Developing markets where pharmacists are seen as part of the team
•    Patient partnerships giving future pharmacists better skills
•    Experts brought together to offer clinical skills qualifications to hospital pharmacists
•    Advanced pharmacy practice in the US landscape
•    Opinion: Let us rise like a phoenix from the ashes
•    Pharmacy in the Land of the Blue Sky
•    Counterfeit medicines: Nine things you should know

And news includes:

•    FIP to focus on harm reduction
•    New chairman for FIPEd
•    Worldwide use of “smart” syringes required by 2020
•    New ethical reference for healthcare workers in times of unrest
•    Ebola vaccine goes to phase III trials
•    FIP talks antimicrobial resistance and investment in pharmacists’ education
•    New FIPEd report to support growth of interprofessional education
•    First review of e-learning in undergraduate health professional education
•    Pharmacy supply of marijuana likely to be further delayed
•    Patent for US$1,000 per pill hepatitis treatment denied
•    Hospital pharmacists want electronic prescribing across Europe
•    Three quarters of pharmacies are victims of crime

All this and more is available today!

FIP members can access the interactive magazine and pdf here.