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Continuing Education

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FIP Annual Reports and Publications

FIP makes it a priority to publish the latest developments in pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical sciences, related global news and prominent events. Our multi-media approach to keeping members, partners and peers informed of what is and will be affecting their area of practice or science is key to keeping information flowing through the FIP network.

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An overview of current pharmacy impact on immunisation: A global report


Responding to disasters: Guidelines for pharmacy


Establishing tobacco-free communities: A practical guide for pharmacists

Establishing tobacco-free communities     

Green pharmacy practice: Taking responsibility for the environmental impact of medicines


Sustainability of pharmacy services: Advancing global health


Fighting antimicrobial resistance: The contribution of pharmacists

Front cover of briefing document


Focus on mental health: The contribution of the pharmacist


International Summit on Medicines Shortage


Spanish translation available here.


Featured publications from the FIP Centennial Congress

The FIP Centennial Congress provided the Federation with a wonderful opportunity to release special publications marking this monumental event. Click the images below to download.

IPJ Special Edition - Videos and stories from all over the world


Global Pharmacy Workforce Intelligence Trends Report | 2015


Impact of the Pharmaceutical Sciences on Healthcare      


Biowaiver Monographs 2004-2012                        


From Making Medicines to Optimising Outcomes: The evolution of a profession 1912-2012


International Pharmacy Journal (IPJ)

The International Pharmacy Journal has been printed by FIP since 1987 as a publication to share information about new developments and activities in the pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice.

The IPJ welcomes contributions from pharmacists, scientists and allied partners which raise awareness of current and significant healthcare trends and scenarios and how health professionals may meet the changing challenges and global healthcare.

Since 2011, the IPJ has been solely an electronic publication. Download recent editions of the IPJ by clicking the cover:


2016 Editions

IPJ vol 34(1)        


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2012 Editions

 IPJ vol 28(2)



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Pharmacy Education Journal
An International Journal for Pharmacy Education

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is pleased to announce the online re-release of Pharmacy Education, an International Journal for Pharmaceutical Education. Previously published in hard copy circulation by Informa Publishing, Pharmacy Education is now an official FIP Electronic Publication, available online free of charge at

The online publishing and re-release has been made possible by the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and in collaboration with the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP). (Read the full press release here).


2013 FIPEd Global Education Report


Annual Reports

2015-2016 Annual Report


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2014-2015 Annual Report

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FIP Electronic Newsletter

The FIP Electronic Newsletter is a monthly electronic publication for Member Organisations and Press that highlights the most recent and significant global health news, updates from the WHO and activities within FIP.

We welcome and encourage contributions from Member Organisations regarding news and developments within their countries and of individuals making great strides in all aspects of healthcare and professional services.

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (JPharmSci), published monthly by John Wiley & Sons, is a publication of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and the official journal of the FIP Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The FIP Library

FIP has kept archives of all current and previous publications and resources. You must be a FIP Member to Access these publications, click here to become a FIP Member.